Crowns are strong, durable and can be used to fix multiple issues such as:

  • Decay
  • Cracks
  • Discoloration and more

Crowns, also called caps, are also used to strengthen a tooth after a number of procedures. such as:





Crown Process

First Visit:

  • The tooth will be reshaped so that the crown can be placed over it.
  • A mold of the tooth is taken to create the final crown.
  • We choose a shade that will match your natural teeth perfectly.
  • We create a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the permanent crown is finished.

Second Visit:

  • Remove temporary crown and clean tooth.
  • Check permanent crown for fit, adjust permanent crown if necessary.
  • Cement permanent crown.

How long do Crowns last?

We use zirconia dental crowns. Zirconia is more durable, more cost effective and better looking than other crown materials. It is reasonable to expect dental crowns to last between 10-20 years.

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