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How necessary are dental x-rays?

While Dr. Mansfield can diagnose many conditions with a visual exam, he cannot always see what is happening beneath the outer layer of tooth enamel or below your gumline. Digital dental x-rays make this possible, which allows him to make an earlier diagnosis, potentially saving you time and money as well as allowing us to treat conditions before they become critical or painful.

By offering digital dental x-rays, we have significantly improved the safety of the care we provide. Digital dental x-rays emit up to 80 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays and give us instant access to high-resolution images for proper diagnosis of conditions such as bone loss, decay, and infection.

The cost of dental x-rays is low compared to the cost of extensive dental care. For this reason, regular dental x-rays should be viewed as a preventative investment in your long-term care. Without them, we would only have part of the story when it comes to your oral health. We want to give Dr. Mansfield all the tools he needs to care for your smile!

If you have questions about the necessity or safety of digital dental x-rays, please call our office or ask us at your next visit. We are dedicated to providing quality dentistry that supports total oral health and an aesthetic, comfortable smile.

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